Why Jesus became one of us


Article by Joseph Prince

Have you ever wondered why, when God came down to us, He had to take on the form of human flesh?

My friend, it’s so that He could become our kinsman Redeemer.You see, in ancient Israel, if you had lost your land or something through poverty or bad
debts, it’s possible to have someone buy it back or redeem it for you. However, that person had to meet three conditions. Firstly,
he had to be a relative of yours. Secondly, he had to be wealthy enough to buy back the land. Thirdly, and most importantly, he had to be willing to do it.
My friend, Jesus came down to us in human flesh so that He could fulfill the first condition, that is, become our relative or one
of us. Now, do you think that as King of the universe, He had the means to buy back all that we’ve lost? Yes, of course, but most
importantly, He was willing to it—and He demonstrated this with outstretched arms at the cross!
Beloved, have you lost your health? Have you lost your peace of mind? Have you lost your
direction in life? Jesus, your willing kinsman Redeemer, can redeem it all for you. Look to
Him and not man. Let Him restore to you all that you’ve lost and even bless you with more
than you had before.


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