Are you at the point in your life where you feel like all hope is lost?


  If you answered yes to the question above, then you are not alone. There are several believers out there- who are feeling just like you.
  Get this thing clearly- God has wonderful plans for you! He wants you to- pass your exams, be in a healthy relationship with your spouse/parents, get over your addictions and most importantly, Reign in life!

Sometimes we make plans for the future- plans on marriage, career, ministry, relationship, education, just to mention a few. Yes, it is good to make plans, but the question is, do we believe God has plans for us?  Far too many believers today have more confidence in their plans than they have in God’s.  Another question I want ask is: Do we think for a moment, that, the overall creator and designer of the world, who tactically designed the butterfly to emerge from its cocoon, has forgotten about His precious children?

You will definitely emerge from all the pressures and despair in your life.
You are dearly loved by God and He has ever blessed you with every thing you would ever need to reign in life[Ephesians 1:3].
The problem is our unbelief and ignorance about this great truth. God has thoughts(plans) of Peace for us[Jeremiah 29:11]
Never be dissuaded; God has done it all and He’s still working things out for you good.Halleluyah!

The world will tell you, “Do you think God will come down from heaven to handle that situation for you?” …huh! that’s ridiculous right? Don’t worry when you face such strong questions- indeed, God is not going to do that though.

Do you remember,in Jn 4:49-54, the miracle Jesus performed? He healed from a distance– telling us today that He needs not to come down from heaven to handle our situation.

Your Job is to pray, that your steps would be ordered to fall into the plans of God.Stay blessed!


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