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May the “Grace, Mercy and Peace from God the Father and Christ Jesus our Lord” be lavished on you!

It’s been a wonderful year- we must be frank. I believe you entered the year with great resolutions and high expectations in specific areas of our lives.
Indeed, God is going to grant you the desires of your heart and fulfill his promises in your lives.
You might have retrospected to the mistakes and flaws or even the breakthroughs and exciting moments we experienced in the just-ended year. And basing on that you resolved to—make amendments to your philosophies, work on an idea, talk less, quit a habit, study more, be loving and caring, just name them.

Nevertheless, we only work on these retrospections for,at most, the first two weeks of the year and spend  the rest of our lives forgetting the plans we made.
The dilemma is: we either stay in the same lifestyle or develop other human alternatives, which rather worsen the problem.

Beloved, It is God’s will that you reign over whatever that is hindering your relationship with Him—I mean growing in your soul into the perfect nature of God.

Do you want to change your attitude, stay committed in a relationship, talk less, learn more or—simply put—manifest the righteousness of God?
Surely I believe you exclaimed, ‘Yes!’, to that question, and that is the yearning of your spirit to express the image of God outside. Dealing with addictions and bad lifestyles have got to do with you knowing the components that make you up.

The Spirit, Soul and Body

We are made up of spirit, soul and body- that is the tripartite view of man.This doctrine can basically be traced from Genesis, but I want to allude to a prayer Paul made for the church of the thessalonians.
Paul states:
“May the God of peace himself make you holy in every way. And may your whole being —spirit, soul, and body—remain blameless when our Lord Jesus, the Messiah, appears.“–1Thess. 5:23(ISV)

Just as God is manifested in the bible in three persons—Father, Son and the Holy spirit—so is man made up of three components: spirit, soul and body.



I now allude to one of the powerful revelations of Martin Luther:

“In the tabernacle
fashioned by Moses there were
three separate compartments.
The first was called the holy of
holies: here was God’s dwelling
place, and in it there was no
light. The second was called the
holy place; here stood a candle-
stick with seven arms and seven
lamps. The third was called the
outer court; this lay under the
open sky and in the full light of
the sun.

In this tabernacle we have a figure of the Christian
man. His spirit is the holy of holies, where God dwells in the darkness of faith, where no light is; for he believes that which he neither sees nor feels nor comprehends. His soul is the holy place, with its seven lamps, that is, all manner of reason, discrimination, knowledge, and understanding of visible and bodily things. His body is the forecourt, open to all, so that men may see his works and manner of life”(Wikipedia)


Now, the spirit of a born-again christian is of God(Jn1:13); having the righteousness, wisdom, sanctification and redemption of God(1Cor.1:30).

‘The spirit is also composed of three parts: the conscience, fellowship, and intuition. The conscience is that part which enables us to perceive right from wrong and which,accordingly, either condemns or justifies us.

Through the fellowship, we are able to contact God and commune with Him. Finally, through the intuition God imparts to us a direct, particular sense or knowledge which is independent of reason, circumstance,situation, or precedent. These three faculties of the spirit: conscience, fellowship, and intuition are clearly described in Scripture.’resource from this Site.
Fellowshipping with God pertains to the spirit and also the intuitive part of our spirit  helps us to discern the things of God.

Note this thing clearly, addictions and bad lifestyles have got nothing to do with your spirit,as a believer,but of your other components-the soul and body.


The soul has the will and emotions, which are controlled by the flesh(body). The functioning of the soul is based on the information the senses of the flesh feed it with. The problem, here, is that we are taught,right from infancy,how to respond to the cravings of the flesh- which are against the cravings of the spirit (Roms 8:5).
Habits are developed in the soul.The flesh(which includes your 5 senses) receives the information(an insult, a good news, rejection, discouragement, a thought, a nudity etc) and pass it on to the soul, which has the ‘will’ and emotions to decide and act.

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