Book Review : ‘Ye Are Gods’

"Ye are gods" authored by Samuel A Buah--2016

Rarely will you find a book that reveals the new position of believers as gods with such powerful revelations that challenge the believer to live a glorious life. The table of contents even says it all, “understanding gods“, “living as gods“, “we have the mind of Christ“–only to mention a few.

While reading this book I was impressed with Samuel’s efforts to create a dialog based on
scripture, reason and inspired revelations.
In this book is a voice that yearns to reveal the new nature of believers as gods- kings and rulers who possess the very wisdom of God.
        It then delves into understanding the nature of gods and how God has blessed the believer to walk in wisdom and power, manisfesting the dominion of God here on earth.

With very simple and interactive expositions, Samuel makes clear this revelation and challenges believers to manifest and establish God’s righteousness, peace and truth through Christ.
He states:

To say that every believer is a god therefore means that, whosoever is in Christ is a child of the highest, and has thereby been given to reign as a king unto God in the earth, through Christ( the power of God and the wisdom of God)

I have personally received astounding revelations that have challenged my life as a believer–Knowing I am the seat of wisdom and power.

In conveying his concerns at the beginning of the book (chapter one) Samuel challenges:

“As a man thinks in his heart, so is he. Our lives are regulated by our minds. If we are going to live as children of God in word and in deed then we would have to stop thinking of ourselves as mere human beings, change our mindset, and acknowledge that we are gods”

The teachings in this book are easy to grasp and have an interactive voice, with personal experiences from the author.
The book is all about Jesus, His finished work, and our inheritance–wisdom, power and might–in Him.
Samuel seeks to bring into light the beauty and glory of the believer’s spirit, which I believe should be the paramount revelation the Body of Christ should be fed with.
I can’t say it all– you’ve got to get a copy for yourself!
Visit the: Book’s page here


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