Book Review: Partakers Of Divinity

"Partakers Of Divinity"; authored by Samuel .A Buah, © June 2016

This is not just another great book from Samuel .A Buah: It is a revelation God wants to use to bless His church. The chapters are well presented and filled with insightful expositions that are delivered with such simplicity and accuracy.
I have gotten the chance to read his first two books—”The New Creature” and “Ye are gods”— and I must say, God is raising up a voice that will fill the hearts of His children with wisdom, hope and glory.

Samuel, through the wisdom of the Holy Spirit, and by accurate interpretation of scripture, not only shows what the New creature is; but shares life-changing revelations about what it is to be as God is in this world.

He does, however, begin with a scriptural analysis about how the children of God are to manifest wisdom, power and might with this comparison:

“If the children of angels became giants and mighty men of renown in that old world then what do you suppose of the seed of God?
We that are born of God should be the greatest, mightiest and wisest of men in all the earth”

He then continues to speak about the rule of the new creature and from this you can know how the sons of God ought to operate by faith and love.

I was impressed by his analogical commentary on the life of Moses, Abraham and Ahithophel. He
described how we can represent God and establish His loving kindness as partakers of the Godhead. Reading this book gave me a picture of how believers can influence, even, governments and authoritive bodies of our world by growing from being babes into oracles and imitators of God.

While establishing the life-transforming revelations about how the Sons of God are in God’s stead, Samuel shared amazing ways of participating in the Divine nature. He stated:

“All that we require for life and to be like God are given or supplied unto us by the Divine Power: but in order for us to be able to access these blessings by the spirit, we need to obtain the knowledge of God”

“Partakers of divinity” is filled with chapters that will develop your consciousness of the life God has called His Sons to live. This is an uncommon life: that which reigns to glorify and establish the righteousness of God.
I now allude to one of his many notable statements that really challenged me as I read:
“How much of God the world behold is how much of God His sons and daughters make manifest.”

In chapter six, Samuel shared four powerful ways of participating in the Godhead.
It is here that he brilliantly gave insightful revelations from 2Peter 1:2-3 about the core principles of the Kingdom that would launch a person into sharing in the Divine nature.

And just about ending, Samuel refreshes readers with his final chapter: “knowing your place in Christ”.
What an amazing book! A book that does not Just base on ‘how-tos’ but focuses on revealing Christ in the believer. The effort for change is not based upon our strength; but upon our new position in Christ and the extraordinary power of God that resides in us[believers]. And this is exactly what Samuel seeks to reveal.

Briefly, I’d like to use three adjectives for this book: revelatory, inspirational and transformative.


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