Unanswered Prayers


It had been four days since their brother died. To them, this was not the worst: hope was found in Jesus. Though He delayed on honoring their invitation and seemed indifferent; their faith were never down.

They could perceive the great love the Lord had for their brother but never had they seen the Savior share so much grief and anguish. And for the first time ever, they saw the prince of peace groan and weep. But. Why did He delay? Why was he so late?  He could have healed their brother.

Don’t read so quickly as the bible unfolds this sad account on Lazurus and his two sisters—Mary and Martha in John 11.

Maybe your child is going wayward; business is not moving smoothly; marriage/relationship keeps deteriorating; addiction is getting worse; or you’re flooded with disappointments here and there. Similar to what happened to Mary and Martha, it seems your prayers are just hitting the ceiling.
Life turns you upside down and God appears to be silent.
Beloved, regardless of whatever perceptions you may have, God is touched by your afflictions (Hebrews 4:15). Because of His unfathomed love, your prayers are so precious to Him and your sorrow, His greatest sentiment.

Sometimes God allows delays and closed doors; He allows darkness to take over our lives just to make way for His greater glory.
He does not programme our problems and shortcomings but He works them out for our good.
You have a father who knows the end from the beginning. And I think you should even thank Him for unanswered prayers: because most of our prayers in times of difficulty are born out of fear.

The little I know about Jesus: He’s never late. Hopeless it may seem. Disheartening each day may prove. Don’t give up! Just because you’re not experiencing your breakthrough doesn’t mean He’s abandoned you.
The King (Jesus) is on His way coming; meet him with all your grief, continue to look up to Him: and you’ll experience complete restoration in every area of your life.


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