Fruit-bearing Through Hardship

There are places and situations God will take you through as a way of pruning your life. And even as a minister of God, the things that virtually buffet you are for the fruitfulness of the Church. Paul puts it this way: “…my circumstances have actually served to advance the gospel” (Philippians 1:12). As a beloved child of God, every moment of your life is precious— both the dark and blissful ones.

God gave Joseph two sons. Look at the names he gave them: Manasseh—meaning, “causing to forget” and Ephraim—which also means, “I shall be doubly fruitful”. Now, the psalmist shows us that children are a heritage from God (Psalms 127:3) and so what we see God doing in Joseph’s life is crowning his 13 years of suffering with a heritage—Fruitfulness. Isn’t this amazing? The hatred, pit, slavery, and prison were all for the purpose of making Joseph fruitful so that he could preserve the people of God (Genesis 45:7). There are seasons and situations that must come your way, in order to prepare you for greater heights. These are the times you would be “hard pressed on every side” and tempted to lose hope. But through it all, the life of Jesus (that glorious and fruitful life) is gradually made manifested in and through you.
Beloved, God’s got you. He’s working in your darkest moments; and trust me, there’s a season of fruitfulness coming.

Amidst all the valleys, and hell we go through, God’s plan for your life never gets ruined. What was meant to defeat you will rather grace you with chants of victory. Your losses—when God finishes with you—will be restored with great provisions of health, joy and peace.

Hear God say to you today, “…behold I am making all things new”. Success is being worked out in what seems to be failure in your life presently. He’s making it new! Your life, ministry, relationship, job status…just name them.
Look off from your gloomy present and see the glorious heritage your Father has for you (See Romans 8:18).


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